Our Services

Why Self-Publish?

  • Own all the rights to your book (including copyright)
  • Have complete input on all editorial and design elements
  • Receive far greater royalties from sales
  • No publishing contracts – so you control the destiny of your book

The advantage of traditional publishing is that authors have someone to take care of all the work. One of the major advantages of self-publishing is creative control; authors have input into every aspect of their book’s production, rarely offered with traditional publishers. We offer you the best of both worlds!

Most authors need professional assistance to negotiate the complex world of design, image management, pre-press production, and local or offshore printing. That’s where we come in. You just need to write your book and The Book Studio will take care of the rest for you.

The success of a self-published book, or any book for that matter, depends on the partnership between the author, editor, designer, printer and marketing team. This partnership is built on respect and each expert has your end goal in mind. You are involved in every decision along the way, and this connection ensures a very positive and successful outcome for all parties.

What’s your story?

Is it finished? Has it been edited? Are you looking at printed books, e-books, or perhaps both? Do you intend to sell your books or simply produce them as gifts? Have a box full of priceless family photos and don’t want them to fade away?

We want to help you wherever we can. You may have a previously formatted book that requires revision, or your book is out of print with an existing publisher and you wish to pursue it on your own. Perhaps you need some illustrations or line drawings for a children’s book, a simple e-book, or just a cover design? No matter what stage your book is at, we can help you get it the rest of the way.

So what does a Book Designer actually do?

The designer determines the general physical appearance of a book, starting with technical specifications such as book size, page extent, and structure. A visual theme is created by way of formatting, font use, illustration design/creation/placement, photo and caption positioning, colour use, and cover design. Creating an intelligent visual organisation of the author’s story or message is paramount, it’s not simply a matter of making a book look great.

In addition, the designer is responsible for pre-press file upload to a designated printer or web upload for e-books. How a book prints or downloads, is defined by how the files are supplied. If there is a mistake or an overlooked detail, it will print or display that way.

What services do The Book Studio offer?

Typically we design books from cover to cover. This level of involvement from start to finish allows us to maintain a constant feel throughout. However, there are many variables on this scenario. For example, your cover artwork may have already been designed and you only require formatting of the internal pages, or you may have an existing file from a designer that needs revising. We are happy to help fill in the gaps wherever we can.

Our designer is fluent in the latest Adobe Creative Suite software, specific to book design and image editing. InDesign – the industry standard – produces the most professional print-ready book files. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are utilised for all images, photo editing and digital illustration. In addition, we offer photo image enhancement, scanning, graphic/logo creation, illustration services and general graphic design.

The Book Studio also offer a complete book printing service, from 100 to 10,000 copies. We print in Australia and overseas with the best in the business. Whether your book is a novel, hardback, coffee-table book, or fully illustrated children’s book – we place your job with the printer best suited to your particular project.